Photo Gallery


 Roman Lacho also taking pictures of the family unity day event


 Maximus Langdeau eating cotton candy and enjoying the event

 Tyler Jones with the Lower Brule Diabetes Program


Maryjane (Brownfields Coordinator)

Earth Day 2014

          DJ Middletent                           Steve Langdeau

NRCS Darrell Duvall demonstrating rainfall simulator

Steve Langdeau handing first place award to Robert Eagle Thunder


Steve Langdeau collecting water sample from Medicine Creek Enters site. (2013)

Bonnie LaVelle recording Field Measurements from Medicine Creek Enters site. (2013)

This boat ramp is located at the mouth of Counselor Creek, on the Missouri River (Lake Sharpe) and is not usable because of erosion and sedimentation upstream on the creek.  The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe "319" Water Quality Program is in the process of applying "Best Management Practices" (BMP's) to control the erosion and sedimentation. (2011)

Medicine Creek Enters Reservation During the summertime.

LBST Environmental Protection Office new Hazmat Response Trailer. (2013)

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