Water Quality Program

April 18, 2016, DJ Middletent out sampling after a couple days of rain.

April 4, 2016, first day of sampling 2016, headed out on the Missouri River.

Some Shoreline Erosion occurring during springtime

Steve Langdeau taking field measurments during the begining of the 2015 sampling season.

2013 Water Quality Sampling

DJ Middletent preparing the YSI to collect field measurements.

Steve Langdeau preparing to collect Total N&P Water Sample.

DJ Middletent recording Field Measurements
DJ Middletent recording Field Measurements.

Steve Langdeau preparing to collect E-Coli Water Sample.

DJ Middletent working with EPA Staff, Bonnie LaVelle.

Soft shell turtle, a good sign of a healthy riparian area.

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