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The goal of the Environmental Protection Office's General Assistance Program (“GAP”) is to develop the capacity to manage our own environmental protection office, and to develop and implement a solid and hazardous waste program.

The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe (LBST) received our first U.S. EPA General Assistance Program (GAP) grant in 1994. The “GAP” grant provided the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe with funding to plan, develop, and establish our Environmental Protection Office (EPO).

The “GAP” funding has been used to plan and carry out a number of capacity-building activities including the education and outreach; development and implementation of a tribal Solid Waste Program; development of administrative procedures; sampling and laboratory capabilities; baseline environmental assessments; computer information systems; and staff qualifications and expertise. The “GAP” Coordinator serves as the LBST-EPO environmental director and manages all of the environmental programs, including the Solid Waste Program.

The LBST-EPO currently has a Clean Water Act Section “106” Program, a Clean Water Act Section “319” Program, the General Assistance Program (GAP), a Brownfields/Tribal Response Program, and a tribal Solid Waste Program.

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